About Us

Beautiful MRBA cropped

Who We Are:

The Missisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) is an active, non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to the restoration of the Missisquoi River, its tributaries, and the Missisquoi Bay. We bring together diverse interest groups within the community – teachers, farmers, summer residents, loggers, business owners, environmental experts, outdoor enthusiasts, municipal officers, woodland owners, and concerned citizens like you.

What We Do:

Our activities range from education and community outreach to tree planting and fieldwork. We work with landowners on stabilizing stream banks, we cost-share with farmers to implement conservation practices, and we manage a volunteer-led water-sampling program to monitor phosphorus, nitrogen, and turbidity throughout the watershed.

Since 1997, we have planted 25,500 trees across 190 acres of land. We have collected over 7,000 water samples at 186 sites along the river and its tributaries. We have also given watershed presentations at 92 schools. These numbers stand as a testament to the important work we’re doing in the watershed.

Contact Us:

Our office is located at 2839 VT Route 105, East Berkshire, VT 05447 (the junction of Rt 105 and Rt 118), and is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can always be reached via email: mrba@pshift.com or phone: (802) 393-0076.  And you can follow us on Facebook!


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