The Missisquoi River Basin Association has been offering Bugworks programs since 2008. Created by MRBA Board President John Little*, Bugworks teaches students the importance of invertebrates to stream health. In addition to studying phosphorus and nitrogen loads throughout the watershed, this program teaches children that bio-monitoring, or looking at life forms in the water, can be a good indicator of ecosystem health. Kurt Valenta, of Exordium Inc., has partnered with MRBA to bring Bugworks to fifth and six graders throughout the Missisquoi River watershed**, though the program can be adapted to audiences of any age.

To learn more about our Bugworks program and how to book a session, download our 2016 Bugworks brochure or send us an email at mrba@pshift.com.



*John received a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 2009 for Bugworks!

**Thanks to generous grants from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, for the last several years the MRBA has been able to offer two sessions of Bugworks free of charge to all Missisquoi watershed schools.


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