Volunteer Tree Planting Workday!

Join us Saturday, April 29th, from 9am-12pm to help plant trees along the Missisquoi River at Randall View Farm, 928 VT-100 in Lowell!

On April 29th, people all over the US will come together to march in the People’s Climate March – demanding action be taken in defense of our climate. Here in our watershed, we will march across a field with shovels and young trees, and take direct action in the form of planting trees which will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increase the protection and stability of our river banks, and overall improve our watershed.

Please join us from 9-12 on Saturday, April 29th to support clean water, healthy riverbanks, and community action! We will meet at the farm at 9 and head back to the river. Equipment will be provided; boots are recommended.

Contact us at mrba@pshift.com or 802-393-0076 if you have any questions.Tree Planting flyer April 29 Lowell

2017 Annual Public Forum

Please join us on Sunday, March 19th, from 2-4pm at the Swanton Public Library. We will discuss the results of our 2016 water sampling program and the health of our watershed. We will also have guest speakers: our ECO AmeriCorps member Brodie Haenke will take us on a virtual field trip around Vermont to teach us about the geologic history of the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, and Board member Jimmy Young will teach us about the soils of the Missisquoi River Basin – the soil types that we are home to, and what they tell us about our watershed.

We look forward to sharing this information with you!

MRBA 2017 public forum flyer

2016 Newsletter

Our 2016 Newsletter is now available! We had a great year in 2016: we celebrated 20 years of watershed protection and held many events and activities throughout the watershed, including planting over 1200 trees and shrubs along riverbanks in 3 towns, removing 54 tires from a section of the Missisquoi River between Enosburg Falls and Sheldon, holding 24 Bugworks sessions at schools and community events, and collecting water samples at 28 sites throughout the watershed.

Visit our Newsletters page to learn more.

Missisquoi River Paddle and Clean-Up

Please join us on Saturday, July 16th for a fun paddle and river clean-up event! We will meet on St Albans St. (just off Route 105) in Enosburg Falls at 9am and will paddle to Sheldon. Lunch will be provided, so please let us know how many people you will be bringing – call (802) 393-0076 or email us at mrba@pshift.com.
No boat? No problem! Contact us and we will arrange a canoe for you to use for the day.

River Clean-Up Flyer

Pubic Information Session

Come join us on Thursday March 31 at 7pm, at the Enosburgh Emergency Services building while we present the results of the 2015 water quality sampling program; hear a new perspective on our watershed from our ECO AmeriCorps member; host Karen Bates (VTDEC Watershed Basin Planner) to exchange information about the updates that will occur to the Missisquoi Basin Plan this year; and hear tales from our board president’s paddling trip all the way to the Big Apple!